Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Gevalia Coffee Deals

Im sure you've heard of Gevalia Coffee before but you were probably like me thinking If im getting 3 boxes of coffee AND a Stainless Steel travel mug for ONLY $3 then really how good can it possibly be? But I decided to order it because I like flavored coffee and wanted to try some. I chose French Vanilla,Creme Brulee and Espresso(this is the one im trying right now) I really like the smooth rich taste and I love that its not too strong. Im really looking forward to trying the other flavors as well but hey im only one person so I guess I'll have to try a new flavor tomorrow but anyways onto the Deals.

1. You can get the deal I got here. 3 boxes of cofee + the Travel mug for $3

2. I just got an email about this offer. For $25.90 (including shipping) you can get 4 boxes of your choice of coffee,the stainless steel travel mug AND a waffle maker! Go here to get this offer.

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