Monday, January 18, 2010

Organic Notepad

You can go here and receive a free organic notepad!

Axe Shower Detailer-free

Every monday they will give away 1000 coupons for a free axe detailer. Just call in to get your but beware, there is some dirty talk about ball washing!

To get the freebie:

Call 1-877-329-3225
Press 1
Press 2
From now until Sunday, March 14, they’ll give away 1,000 each week starting at 12:01am every Monday morning. Hence why I’m posting this now! If you think you might be up tonight, have at it.

free candle!!

Ok so who doesnt like things that smell good, exspecially FREE thins that smell good. :) You can go here to get a free aromatherapy candle. Thanks Coupon Clippin Daddy!

Free Memo Cube

You can go here to request a free memo cube from Sandy Paper.